Composite Decking: A Durable Material for Mother Nature

Composite Decking: A Durable Material for Mother Nature

Composite decking is a man-made product that is a mixture of materials such as wood fibers, plastic, and a small number of bonding agents. All of these ingredients are put together to form a far denser, stronger, and heavier material than wood, and it is a wood-plastic composite.

They are low maintenance, offer color-rich boards, and give a wood-like appearance that gives you a natural look you desire. Composite decking is gaining popularity as it conserves natural wood and is environmentally friendly.

Types of composite decking

  • Solid composite decking

These solid composite deckings have solid composite boards that are heavy boards and are most commonly used to make permanent floors for offices, hotels, and houses. 

These are the most solid and durable composite deck boards used for swimming pool decks, houses' pathways, etc. During extreme weather conditions, these decks undergo wraps as they are heavy, and their installation requires assistance.

  • Capped composite decking

Capped composite deck boards have a capped layer that protects the core of the wood, so the wood fiber doesn't get exposed to the surface and gets damaged by various harsh weather conditions such as moisture, bacteria, and fungus.

If there is no capped layer, then the product's color will also fade out, and the structure and composition of the product will get destroyed.

  • Hollow composite decking

Hollow composite deck boards are lightweight and most commonly used for installing cables, siding, etc. These deck boards are less resistant to impacts and require caps and fascia boards on their edges.

Why composite decking instead of wood decking?

Most people don't know about composite decking yet, and they prefer doing wood decking for their houses because it is familiar, readily available, and affordable. But at the same time, wood decking has many problems like high maintenance, splinters, and rot, which may cause several headaches.

On the other hand, composite wood decking is far easier to maintain. However, many people still think that doing composite decking won't look nicer than wood decking, but this is a myth. Composite decking looks artificial and is available with a multi-hued appearance and design such pattern so that no two boards are alike.

The main issue with wood decking is that it readily absorbs water. Wood decking is more vulnerable to cracking and rotting. Composite decking brands such as Clicko Ltd. have the best composite decking range and are fully resistant, allowing them to be installed in high moisture conditions without decaying.

Composite decking is not prone to damage and other wood-destroying insects. When it comes to maintenance, then wood decking requires regular paint, stain, and seal to defend against moisture, while on the other hand, composite decking requires only sweeping and washing to keep the boards looking good. A similar feature of wood and composite is that they are easy to cut using standard tools. But even in this case, composite is more easily bent by heating and can form a curved deck section.

Composite decking uk has the best range of composite decks, and Clicko Ltd in the UK has the best quality and environmentally friendly material available at reasonable prices. The composite decking boards are available in different colors, and you can even order a free sample and compare them and see that the colors match your outdoor space.

The different range of colors available on their site is:

  • Light grey
  • Dark grey
  • Anthracite
  • Brown
  • Oak
  • Teak

You can choose the design and color of your wish and order them from their site. They offer nationwide delivery. Uk composite decks have the best range of composite boards as their boards are constructed from 55 percent recycled wood, 40 percent HDPE, and 5 percent additives.

Due to their best composite decking range, they are ranked no.1 in Uk composite decks  supplier as their material does not contain any toxic and hazardous material and is also UV resistant. Their site also contains composite fencing panels, wall fencing, decking fixing, and many more.

Advantages of composite decking

  • Natural look like wood

The surface of composite decking looks like a solid wood surface. The grain of natural wood has both regularity and irregularity, but the inspirational look of Clicko Ltd offers a natural grain of the wood, which is much more precise.

  • Sustainability

Composite decking uk offers green construction materials, becoming increasingly popular and readily available for industry professionals. Sustainable composite decking is now becoming a popular trend because it possesses the most negligible negative effect on the surrounding area. The woods come from FSC-certified forests and are well managed to ensure sustainability.

  • Long-lasting

Composite decking is more long-lasting than natural wood. Unlike natural wood, it will not crack or rot and are not prone to insect infection. It is tougher than wood, denser than that, and less water permeable.

  • Great quality

Composite decking is more enhanced and is of the best quality. They are far more durable than natural wood as they contain a mixture of different materials, such as wood fiber, plastic, and some bonding agents.

Bottom line

As you can see in the article, there are various advantages of composite decking and why you should prefer doing composite decking instead of wood decking. So you should prefer composite decking as they are sustainable and environmentally friendly. For the best collection of composite decks, you can visit our site, Clicko Ltd. They have the best collection of decks available at affordable prices.