The top five advantages of using composite fencing

The top five advantages of using composite fencing

Composite fencing has become the preferred option for many homeowners over traditional wooden fencing, and there are several benefits of composite fencing. In this article, you’ll get to know everything about composite fencing to ensure you make the right decision for your garden fence.

What is composite fencing?

What is composite fencing

Composite fencing is traditional fence panels made of hard and softwood. However, composite fencing is made up of a mixture of plastics and natural wood that is recycled. The wood creates a natural and authentic look for the fence, while the plastic retains the strength to allow for a long-lasting and more durable solution.

Is using composite fencing eco-friendly?

Is using composite fencing eco-friendly

As we've discussed earlier that composite fencing is made from recycled material, but their longevity, the fence performs 100% wood version. That means fewer replacement fence panels will be needed resulting in fewer trees needing to be cut down for replacement. So, if you are an eco-friendly person with an eco-conscious mind and want to do something for the environment on your part, then composite fencing is an excellent solution for you.

Is composite decking a sustainable innovation?

Traditionally most fences are made up of hardwood and softwood. Composite wood offers refreshment in building material and boasts an incredible range of features. Composite fences are exceptionally far more durable and come in different varieties and colors. These features support sustainable value with resistance to mold and rot, which adds growing popularity of composite fencing.

What is the difference between composite fencing and wooden fencing?

What is the difference between composite fencing and wooden fencing

Composite fencing is superior to natural timber fencing and can last over 20 years which is longer than traditional wooden fences. The composite fencing is produced from recycled material and hence are more resistant to elements and will require less maintenance and replacement. While on the other hand, wooden fencing is not eco-friendly and requires cutting trees, which can lead to deforestation and is not suitable for the environment. You can also go for laminate fencing, an excellent alternative solution over timber, and easily adjusts to moisture and overall local conditions.

Why is composite fencing an affordable long-term solution?

When buying anything, the cost comes as an essential factor, and as far as cost is concerned, composite fencing panels UK comes to a mid-range; it is an affordable option for anyone. Their cost can vary and be slightly pricier than softwood, but it is still far more affordable than hardwood.

Wood products come in an affordable range but require a lot of maintenance. Keeping that in mind, investing in composite fencing turns out to be far more budget-friendly than wood fencing.

Benefits of composite fencing

There are several benefits of composite fencing, and upgrading your fencing will help improve your garden perimeter in different ways compared to traditional fencing.

  • Splinter proof - It is manufactured using a blend of plastic and wood, which contains 60% recycled hardwood and 40% recycled polyethylene—using fence panels made from WPC benefits from not splintering. This means that you can keep the look the same for many years without the issue of splintering, and this can naturally occur from composite fencing.
  • Natural finish - Composite fencing offers a natural look and will come In different colors. These colors offer a more natural look with the appearance of wood, and the benefits of this natural-looking finish are especially significant if you're looking for fencing to blend in with the surrounding.
  • Fencing on walls - Fence on wall is an ideal way of extending extra privacy. If the walls are substantial, then the fence can be fitted directly on the top of the wall or can be attached to the side of the wall. The fence on wall  is designed to serve as a function of the wall and can be intended for decorative purposes in the front yard.

 fence on wall

  • Low maintenance - No doubt, WPC panels not only look great but also requires very little maintenance in the long term. The colors used in WPC panels are long-lasting, and repainting is not required. No splinters or filling gaps, or knots in wood can break away over time and offer a perfect solution for long-term fencing.
  • Easy to install - Due to lightweight and hexagonal structure, WPC panels are easy to work without getting splinters in your fingers. These can be easily attached to timber fences and work great for WPC posts. These panels can be slotted together to create the perfect fence in a fraction of the time.

Is composite fencing suitable for your garden?

Yes, composite fencing is the right choice for your garden as it is long-lasting, more weatherproof than wooden products, and has pest resistance. Composite fencing panels UK offers the best WPC fencing for your garden with versatile products that come in different styles with an affordable price range. Composite fencing panels UK have garden fencing services that are easy to install, often prepared, and fully customizable.

Bottom line

With that covered now, you should have a good idea that installing composite decking is right for you. For the best services, you can visit our site, Nationwide Composite Decking. We have the best services available and offer great products at affordable prices. So, don’t hesitate and contact our team directly via phone or email. They'll be happy to help you out.