What is Composite Floor Decking?

      Composite Floor Decking refers to a metal floor deck with an embossment pattern machined into the sides (flutes) at regular intervals. As the concrete dries, the embossments facilitate the formation of a link between the concrete and the metal decking panel. The embossments on a floor deck are absent from a roof deck.

      After the curing process for the concrete is finished, the composite floor deck and the concrete will create a single unit that is bonded together. They combine to form a metal and composite floor deck. The combined strength of this novel composite material is higher than the sum of the strengths of the component elements used to make it. Depending on the decking manufacturer, the embossment pattern machined into the panel will be referred to by various names. 

      Benefits of Composite WPC Decking

      Low Maintainance 

      It utilizes cutting-edge surface treatment technologies in its manufacturing process. Therefore, you do not need to devote much time to deck upkeep. Simple soap-and-water washing is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of composite floor decking. The composite decking online may be utilized without color fading for at least 20 years.

      Appealing appearance

      The appealing prefinished appearance of composite floor decking mimics the natural wood grain. Composite WPC floor decking may be manufactured in various forms, including colors, shapes, and surface treatment processes. Additionally, composite decking has an initial aesthetic appeal. So, it is the best alternative for decorating your home with elegance and beauty.

      Simple installation

      Installing floor decking boards is simple if the installation documentation is followed. Consequently, you may pick composite decking with standard dimensions for your home's style. Installation of composite floor decking is far faster than conventional wood decking. 

      Good insect resistance

      Traditional wooden decks have been treated with insecticides and harmful chemicals to repel insects. Which will pollute the environment, and the effectiveness of bug control will diminish with time. The composite floor deck is insect-resistant owing to the material's unique characteristics. In addition, it has a positive influence on the environment.

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