Composite Decking T-Clip Fixings and Screws

Composite Decking T-Clip Fixings and Screws

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Nationwide Composite Decking T-Clips are precision made with a lightweight and durable plastic extrusion, CNC machined to ensure a perfect fit. Cladco decking T-Clips are specifically designed to ensure the correct spacing of cladding boards when fitted in between joists or beams.

They are tough and durable, making for an effective and accurate installation of Cladco Composite Decking Boards. They will not corrode even in wet conditions, thus providing the ultimate protection against corrosion in the harshest possible environment. They won’t loosen over time like most plastic screws, and they can be used with either decking boards or batten boards. The decking screws and t-clips are made from high-strength, hard-wearing PBT composite that is resistant to cracking and splitting. They support the Cladco Composite Decking Boards while cutting and trimming, so your project will be complete in no time.


T-clamps are the most common type of composite material clamp. They are tools that hold a two-piece panel in place until it cures and then allow for the fastening and release of the panel.

Composition materials such as fibreglass or vinyl can be glued together using a wide range of adhesives, such as hot melt glue, cyanoacrylate, boron, epoxy resin, and more. Using a T-clip, you can prevent large amounts of cold water from entering your cladding and allow quick separation into one panel after the curing time has passed. Composite Decking Fixing is used by attaching the surface of the wooden floor to the edge of the composite decking. T-CLIP is a composite decking application system that accelerates the time to market of composite decking systems. 

This composite decking T-clip is ideal for use with non-masonry composite decking to fasten the board together whilst still allowing it to be removed with relative ease. T-clips provide a firm, direct anchoring for fasteners. This clip is designed for use in composite decks and is a superior alternative to nails, staples, and bolts when used in wood decking. This T-Clip kit is designed for use with the composite decking system on any inflatable boat. The kit includes a special tool for connecting straps to the decking and a comfortable neoprene pad that makes walking on the deck more comfortable.


The benefits of composite decking t-clip are many, so there is no need to be scared of the budget-friendly price you pay! They will last a very long time and won’t get damaged easily. The surface is smooth and does not require sanding unless the project needs it. Are you considering investing in composite decking? Are you wondering whether it is a good idea to spend some money on this expensive material? 

Protect your deck from UV damage and stains with a composite decking surface. Composite Decking T-Clip is a great way to protect your deck, keeping it protected from wear and tear.

Composite Decking T-Clip is compatible with Integrated Cable Management System to provide a cleaner overall look to your decking, fence, and flooring.

T-CLIP Modular Composite decking has many advantages over traditional composite decking, which is what makes this product so attractive through its revolutionary ideas. You can choose from our wide range of sizes and styles. The quality is the best! It’s also very easy to install. Simply clip your T-CLIP boards into place, and no drilling is required. Over time, the sealant will be able to hold its own shape, but ensure that it does not prematurely dry out by giving it a small amount of water every week or so until you are happy with how your deck looks and feels.